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International visitors (translation in progress)

Dear visitor,

we are currently translating degree programme information into English for our international visitors. For an overview of degree programmes which have been translated already see below. More translations will be added soon.

Available translations

Advanced Materials and Processes (MSc)
Advanced Optical Technologies (MSc)
Advanced Signal Processing & Communications Engineering
Ancient Languages and Cultures (MA)
Archaeological Sciences (BA)
Archaeological Sciences (MA)
Art History (BA)
Art History (MA)

Biology (BSc)
Biology (teaching certificate)
Book Studies (BA)
Book Studies (MA)
Business Administration (BA)
Business and Economics (BA)
Business Education (BA)
Business Education (MSc)

Cell and Molecular Biology (MSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (BSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MSc)
Chemical Engineering (BSc)
Chemical Engineering (MSc)
Chemistry (BSc)
Chemistry (Lehramt)
Chemistry (MSc)
Chinese Studies (BA)
Chinese Studies with Specialisation (MA)
Climate & Environmental Sciences (MSc)
Communications und Multimedia Engineering (MSc)
Computational and Applied Mathematics (MSc)
Computational Engineering (MSc)
Computational Linguistics (BA)
Computer Science (BA)
Computer Science (BSc)
Computer Science (Lehramt)
Computer Science (MSc)
Cultural Geography (BA)
Cultural Geography (MSc)
Cultural History of Christianity (BA)

Development Economics and International Studies (MA)

Economics (MSc)
Education (BA)
Education (MA)
Education Research on Learning and Instruction (MA)
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (BSc)
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (MSc)
Energy Technology (BSc)
Energy Technology (MSc)
Engineering Mathematics (MSc)
English (Lehramt)
English and American Studies (BA)
English Studies (MA)
Ethics of Textual Cultures (MA)

Finance, Auditing, Controlling, Taxation (FACT) (MSc)
Food Chemistry
French (Lehramt)
French Studies (BA)

Geography (Lehramt)
Geosciences (BSc)
Geosciences (MSc)
German (Lehramt)
German and French Law
German Language and Literature (BA)
German Language and Literature (MA)
Gerontology (MSc)
Greek (Lehramt)
Greek Philology (BA)

Hispanic Studies (BA)
History (BA)
History (Lehramt)
History (MA)
Human Rights (MA)

Indo-European and Indo-Iranian Studies (BA)
Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc)
Information and Communication Technology (BSc)
Information and Communication Technology (MSc)
Integrated Life Sciences (BSc)
International Business Studies (BA)
International Business Studies (MA)
International Information Systems (MSc)
International Production Enginering and Management (BSc)
International Project Management in Systems Engineering (MSc)
Islamic Religious Education (Certificate)
Islamic Theological Studies (BA)
Italian (Lehramt)
Italian Studies (BA)

Japanese Popular Culture and Media Studies (MA)
Japanese Studies (BA)

Labour Market and Human Resources (MSc)
Latin (Lehramt)
Latin Philology (BA)
Law (LLM)
Lexicography (MA)
Life Science Engineering (BSc)
Life Science Engineering (MSc)
Linguistics (MA)
Literary Studies - intermedial and intercultural (MA)
Logopaedics (BSc)

Management (MSc)
Marketing (MSc)
Master's degree programme for teaching degrees for Gymnasium (MEd)
Materials Physics (BSc)
Materials Physics (MSc)
Materials Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mathematical Economics (MSc)
Mathematics (MSc)
Mechanical Engineering (BSc)
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
Mechatronics (MSc)
Media Education
Media, Ethics, and Religion (MA)
Mediation of Art (MA)
Medical Engineering (MSc)
Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MA)
Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (BA)
Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (MA)
Middle Eastern Studies (MA)
Molecular Medicine (MSc)
Molecular Science (MSc)
Multimedia Education (MA, MMD)
Music (Lehramt)

Nanotechnology (MSc)
North American Studies: Culture and Literature (MA)

Organizational Development and Human Resources (MA)
Oriental Studies (BA)

Performing Arts
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy (MA)
Physical Education (Lehramt)
Physical Geography (BSc)
Physics (BSc)
Physics (MSc)
Political Science (BA)
Political Science (MA)
Protestant Religious Education
Protestant Theology
Psychology (BSc)
Psychology (MSc)
Public Law (BA)

Romance Studies (MA)

Scandinavian Studies (BA)
Social Studies
Socioeconomics (MSc)
Sociology (BA)
Sociology (MA)

Teaching Engineering in Vocational Schools (BSc)
Teaching Engineering in Vocational Schools (MEd)
Teaching German as a Second Language
The Americas / Las Américas (MA)
Theatre and Media Studies (BA)
Theatre and Media Studies (MA)
Theatre Pedagogy (MA)

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