Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law

The Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law is home to the School of Law in Erlangen and the School of Business and Economics in Nuremberg, which together cover law, business, economics and social sciences at FAU. School of Business and Economics The School of Business and Economics at FAU is…

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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is located on a large campus in the south of Erlangen. It is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration, excellent study programmes, high-calibre research projects and national and international exchange programmes with scientific institutions and companies. The Faculty of Engineering offers more than 20 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree…

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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology is the largest of FAU’s five faculties. It was established following the restructuring of the University in 2007 and combines the formerly independent Faculty of Humanities I (History and Social Sciences), Faculty of Humanities II (Languages and Cultural Studies), the Faculty of…

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Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is responsible for the degree programmes in Medicine (State Examination), Dentistry (State Examination), Molecular Medicine (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree), Medical Process Management (Master’s degree) and Logopaedics (Bachelor’s degree). The lecture, seminar and institute buildings are located around the centre of Erlangen. The Faculty of Medicine works…

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Faculty of Sciences

Ever since the foundation of the University, the sciences have been an integral part of FAU’s research and teaching. The Faculty of Sciences is organised into five departments: Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Geography and Geosciences (including Geozentrum Nordbayern), Mathematics and Physics. Since 2014 the departments have been based on the…

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