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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is located on a large campus in the south of Erlangen. It is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration, excellent study programmes, high-calibre research projects and national and international exchange programmes with scientific institutions and companies. The Faculty of Engineering offers more than 20 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes for more than 9000 students from 65 countries. Itskey focus areas in research and teaching are:

  • Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
  • Electrical Engineering – Electronics – Information Technology
  • Computer science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Materials Science


The Faculty of Engineering offers degree programmes designed to meet the needs of a future career in business and science. In addition to a high level of academic qualification, the study programmes are designed to promote interdisciplinary work with an emphasis on practical application and viability. A broad spectrum of fields is a core part of teaching, which focuses on providing students with the essential foundations and methods. This diversity forms the basis for comprehensive engineering training in line with modern requirements. In addition to the five classic degree programmes (Chemical and Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering ), students can also choose from a variety of interdisciplinary degree programmes.

Degree Programmes

Advanced Materials and Processes (MSc)
Advanced Optical Technologies (MSc)
Advanced Signal Processing & Communications Engineering (MSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (BSc)
Chemical and Biological Engineering (MSc)
Chemical Engineering (MSc)
Chemical Engineering – CEN (BSc)
Communications and Multimedia Engineering (MSc)
Computational Engineering (BSc)
Computational Engineering (MSc)
Computer Science (BSc)
Computer Science (MSc)
Computer Science (teaching degree)
Computer Science / IT Security (BSc)
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (BSc)
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (MSc)
Energy Technology (BSc)
Energy Technology (MSc)
Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc)
Information and Communication Technology (BSc)
Information and Communication Technology (MSc)
International Production Enginering and Management (BSc)
International Project Management in Systems Engineering (MSc)
Life Science Engineering (BSc)
Life Science Engineering (MSc)
Materials Science and Engineering (BSc)
Materials Science and Engineering (MSc)
Mechanical Engineering (BSc)
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)
Mechatronics (BSc)
Mechatronics (MSc)
Medical Engineering (BSc)
Medical Engineering (MSc)
Nanotechnology (BSc)
Nanotechnology (MSc)
Teaching Engineering in Vocational Schools (BSc)

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