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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology is the largest of FAU’s five faculties. It was established following the restructuring of the University in 2007 and combines the formerly independent Faculty of Humanities I (History and Social Sciences), Faculty of Humanities II (Languages and Cultural Studies), the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Theology.


The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology teaches disciplines in the areas of:

  • Language and literature
  • Arts, music and theatre
  • History and society
  • Philosophy, ethics and religion
  • International cultures

Covering around 50 disciplines in the areas of humanities, economics, social sciences, education and theology, the faculty provides students with a wealth of historical and contemporary cultural knowledge.

Degree Programmes

Ancient Languages and Cultures (MA)
Arabic, Islamic, and Semitic Studies (MA)
Archaeological Sciences (BA)
Archaeological Sciences (MA)
Art History (BA)
Art History (MA)
Book Studies (BA)
Book Studies (MA)
Business and Economics (BA)
Catholic Religious Education
Chinese Studies (BA)
Chinese Studies (teaching degree)
Chinese Studies with Specialisation (MA)
Christian Media Communication (MA)
Cultural History of Christianity (BA)
Development Economics and International Studies (MA)
Digital Humanities and Social Sciences (BA)
Economics (teaching degree)
Education (BA)
Education (MA)
Education Research on Learning and Instruction (MA)
Empires and Trans-Continental Spaces (MA)
English (teaching degree)
English and American Studies (BA)
English Studies (MA)
Ethics of Textual Cultures (MA)
French (teaching degree)
French Studies (BA)
German (teaching degree)
German Language and Literature (BA)
German Language and Literature (MA)
Gerontology (MSc)
Greek (teaching degree)
Greek Philology (BA)
Hispanic Studies (BA)
History (BA)
History (MA)
History (teaching degree)
Human Rights (MA)
Indo-European and Indo-Iranian Studies (BA)
Islamic-Religious Education (Certificate)
Islamic-Religious Studies (BA)
Islamic-Religious Studies (MA)
Italian (teaching degree)
Italian Studies (BA)
Japanese Popular Culture and Media Studies (MA)
Japanese Studies (BA)
Latin Philology (BA)
Linguistics (MA)
Literary Studies - Intermedial and Intercultural (MA)
Literature and Books (BA)
Media Education
Media, Ethics, and Religion (MA)
Mediation of Art (MA)
Medieval and Early Modern Times (MA)
Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (BA)
Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (MA)
Middle Eastern Studies (MA)
Multimedia Education (MA, MMD)
Music Education (teaching degree)
North American Studies: Culture and Literature (MA)
Organizational Development and Human Resources (MA)
Oriental Studies (BA)
Performing Arts
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy (MA)
Physical Activity and Health (MA)
Physical Education (teaching degree)
Political Science (BA)
Political Science (MA)
Protestant Religious Education
Protestant Theology
Psychology (BSc)
Psychology (MSc)
Public Law (BA)
Romance Studies (MA)
Scandinavian Studies (BA)
Social Studies (teaching degree)
Sociology (BA)
Sociology (MA)
Spanish (teaching degree)
Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures (MA)
Teaching German as a Second Language
The Americas / Las Américas (MA)
Theatre and Media Studies (BA)
Theatre and Media Studies (MA)
Theatre Pedagogy (MA)

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