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Faculty of Natural Sciences

Ever since the foundation of the University, the sciences have been an integral part of FAU’s research and teaching. The Faculty of Sciences is organised into five departments: Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Geography and Geosciences (including Geozentrum Nordbayern), Mathematics and Physics. Since 2014 the departments have been based on the University’s south campus. The departments of Geography and Geosciences are located in Tennelohe.


The key research priorities of the Faculty of Sciences are in the following fields:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology: Communication and Signalling, Development and Differentiation, Biomaterials and Energy
  • Chemistry and Pharmacy: Molecular Materials and Catalysts, Bioactive Molecules
  • Geography and Geosciences: Human and Environment, Area/Regional Studies, Culture and Space; Applied Geosciences, Lithsophere Dynamics, Paleoenvironment
  • Mathematics: Discrete and Continuous Structures, Representation Theory, Analysis; Modelling, Numerical Analysis and Optimisation
  • Physics: Astroparticle Physics, Optics and Quantum Systems, Condensed Matter Physics, Engineering in Physics and Medicine

In addition to teaching, the faculty’s scientists are also committed to their tasks in research, which is primarily conducted at the departmental level. Our researchers are also involved in the Cluster of Excellence “Engineering of Advanced Materials” and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. They actively contribute to the Energy Campus Nuremberg, the projects of the “Medical Valley” excellence cluster of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region and the two Fraunhofer institutes in Erlangen.

Degree Programs

Biology (BSc)
Biology (teaching degree)
Cell and Molecular Biology (MSc)
Chemistry (BSc)
Chemistry (MSc)
Chemistry (teaching degree)
Computational and Applied Mathematics (MSc)
Cultural Geography (BA)
Cultural Geography (MA)
Engineering Mathematics (BSc)
Geography (teaching degree)
Geoscience (MSc)
Geosciences (BSc)
GeoThermics / GeoEnergy (MSc)
Integrated Life Sciences: Biology, Biomathematics and Biophysics (BSc)
Materials Physics (MSc)
Mathematical Economics (BSc)
Mathematical Economics (MSc)
Mathematics (BSc)
Mathematics (Lehramt)
Mathematics (MSc)
Module Studies Naturale
Molecular Science (BSc)
Molecular Science (MSc)
Pharmaceutical Studies
Physical Geography (BSc)
Physical Geography (MSc)
Physical Geography: Climate and Environmental Sciences (MSc)
Physics (BSc)
Physics (MSc)
Physics (teaching degree)

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