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Question 1 of 10

Which skills would you like to use in your future career?

Possible answers

  • Social skills e.g. helping children with learning difficulties.
  • Sense of responsibility e.g. in order to assume responsibility for important projects.
  • Manual skills/physical strengths.
  • Experiment and plan, implement and evaluate laboratory tests.
  • Operation of technical equipment and machinery.
  • Good foreign language proficiency.
  • Use computer skills.
  • Correct and accurate work.
  • Analyse problems carefully and systematically under consideration of broader contexts.
  • Design and planning skills.
  • Creativity and openness towards to new things and ideas.
  • Conflict-solving abilities.

Question 2 of 10

What is important to you?

Possible answers

  • Freedom
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Inner balance
  • Research work
  • Career
  • Security
  • Family and friends
  • Being a manager/leader
  • Physical activitiy (E.g. sport, manual work)
  • Career
  • Scientific curiosity
  • Nature

Question 3 of 10

Which of the following characteristics are your strengths?

Possible answers

  • Logical thinking
  • Good with your hands
  • Conscientiousness
  • Perseverance
  • Helpfulness
  • Ability to communicate
  • Willing to take risks
  • Creativity
  • Able to take criticism
  • Problem-oriented working
  • Spontaneity
  • Decisiveness

Question 4 of 10

Imagine that your friends or family had to describe you. How likely is it that they would name the following characteristics?

Possible answers

  • Unconventional (you have your own mind and solve problems in your own way)
  • Imaginative (you like to use your imagination)
  • Idealistic (you stand up for your convictions)
  • A born leader (you like to lead a group or team)
  • Careful (you always proceed thoroughly and precisely)
  • Detail-oriented (you take care of the details)
  • Sporty (your trainers are always to hand)
  • Innovative (full of ideas, interested in new solutions)
  • Problem-solving (you master challenges easily)
  • Empathetic (you show an interest in people’s cares and concerns)
  • Persuasive (you can make people see reason)
  • Practical (you prefer to put your plans into practice immediately rather than fiddle around for a long time)

Question 5 of 10

On which topics do your family and friends most often ask your advice?

Possible answers

  • Data security in social networks
  • Handicrafts
  • Art and painting
  • Theater, music, literature
  • Care of/social interaction of people
  • Voluntary work
  • Biology, geography
  • Leading and conducting discussions and lines of argument
  • Drawing up plans and checklists
  • Sports
  • Mathematics, physics, chemistry

Question 6 of 10

How strongly do you agree with the following statements about how you spend your free time?

Possible answers

  • I am a supervisor in my part-time job/sports club/youth club/ and make sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • I like to do voluntary social work.
  • I like putting things together according to instructions.
  • I am curious.
  • I like singing or playing an instrument.
  • I make sure that sponsors are found for a youth club so it can purchase new equipment.
  • I like to organise and run events and parties.
  • I like taking part in poetry slams.
  • I keep lists at home of my CDs, DVDs, computer games etc.
  • I like to puzzle over theories and mathematical/physical problems.
  • I work as a tutor to help younger pupils find their feet at school.
  • I like being outdoors and I am interested in plants and animals.

Question 7 of 10

Many schools offer a wide range of group activities. How interested are you in the following groups?

Possible answers

  • Arbitration: You are trained as an arbitrator and mediate between pupils in the breaks.
  • Yearbook: You are carefully preparing a year book
  • School Garden: You dig, trim, plant, build and take care of the school garden.
  • Pupils’ Café: You are in charge of the stock and listing all purchases.
  • Parkour: You must overcome the obstacle course and find the fastest and most efficient way from A to B, your chosen goal.
  • Music: You make music, sing and rehearse songs which are presented at a summer party or an evening concert.
  • Brain Games and Puzzles: This group involves solving brain games, puzzles and logic tasks.
  • Stock Exchange: You trade with the stock prices from real stock exchanges in the the stock exchange business game.
  • 5 Euro Business: You develop a business idea and a strategy in a team game and put them into practice in a fictitious market.
  • School Council: You listen to the cares and concerns of the pupils at your school and try to mediate between teachers and pupils.
  • School Improvements: You redecorate the classroom walls and bring creative ideas to the school building.

Question 8 of 10

There are many opportunities at FAU to do voluntary work alongside your studies. Which of the following appeal to you?

Possible answers

  • You are involved in FAU’s university magazine, write short contributions and articles or on occasion interview professors.
  • You deal with all the administrative work such as minutes and correspondence.
  • You build a formula racing car in a team and enter competitions against other university teams.
  • You help the university to set up a research laboratory where people can conduct their own experiments and experience science first hand.
  • You would rather earn money than do voluntary work. That is why you are looking for a part-time job to boost your finances.
  • You work in an initiative which improves studying conditions for disabled students.

Question 9 of 10

You are planning to do an internship after you leave school. How appealing to you are the following internships?

Possible answers

  • An internship with a pharmaceuticals manufacturer with a chance to check out the research department.
  • An internship in the design department of an advertising agency.
  • An internship in a cultural organisation where I can get creative
  • An internship in a car workshop where I can fiddle about with cars.
  • An internship in a management consulting firm which advises clients on corporate strategy.
  • An internship in the materials management department of a company.
  • An internship in the area of corporate quality management where compliance with rules and regulations is checked.
  • An internship in a school.
  • An internship in the Human Resources department of a company where I can shadow the HR manager.
  • An internship with a sports club where I can keep fit.
  • An internship related to the integration of migrants.
  • An internship in a zoo where I can study the causes of animal diseases.

Question 10 of 10

You want to set up a flatshare with some friends at the start of university. You find an apartment quickly but there is a lot to do before you move in. How enthusiastic are you about the following tasks?

Possible answers

  • I plan our housewarming party and make sure that we get generous cash injections from our parents and grandparents.
  • I take care of smaller repair jobs myself, paint the walls and change dead light bulbs.
  • I keep close track of all our household costs.
  • Most important to me is that the apartment is nicely furnished and the walls get a classy lick of paint.
  • The first thing I do is analyse the quality of the tap water to make sure we can use it as drinking water.
  • When people apply for our empty room, I look and see which of them could best fit in with us.

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