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we are working hard to make sure that all of our relevant content is available in English. We hope that you find the information we have already published useful and check back again soon for more updates.

Example exercises

Would you like to get a better idea of the topics, questions and methods you can expect in a degree programme? If so, then have a go at some of the example exercises which are available for the following degree programmes. The exercises were created with StudOn, the official learning platform of FAU. Further degree programmes will be added soon. We hope you enjoy working on the exercises!

Note: To take the test, you will be redirected to StudOn. StudOn is FAU’s official teaching and learning programme which you will be using during your future studies.

Go to the example exercises

Archaeological Sciences (BA)
Art History (BA)
Biology (BSc)
Business Administration (BA)
Business Education (BA)
Chinese Studies (BA)
Chinese Studies (teaching degree)
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Information Technology (BSc)
French Studies (BA)
German and French Law
Information Systems (BA)
Law (LLM)
Logopedics (BSc)
Mathematics (BSc)
Molecular Medicine (BSc)
Social Economics (VWL) (BA)

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