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Orientate Yourself

New to MeinStudium? A quick overview of the main functions can be found here. Take the first step to finding your ideal study programme!

Now you have your school leaving certificate, the whole world is open to you – but what does that mean exactly? What opportunities are open to you now? We provide initial answers to the most important questions for you here.

As a new student, there are many new things to deal with when beginning your studies. What is the best way to get started in student life and to find your feet in your new surroundings?

FAU does not have a main university campus. Instead, the institutes, lecture theatres and administrative buildings are grouped into four large sites in Erlangen.

If you want to know what a faculty is, how many there are at FAU and which faculty your chosen degree programme belongs to, you can find this information here.

Besides Erlangen and Nuremberg, there are many other interesting places to visit in Franconia. Especially worth a trip is Franconian Switzerland, a popular tourist retreat with beautiful natural surroundings.

The FAU map service provides a helpful overview of the university’s buildings.

Students at FAU benefit from access to a large network of library facilities.