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Advanced Optical Technologies (MSc)

What is the degree programme about?

Optical technologies play a key role in a wide variety of technical applications that are essential for future developments in technology and society; optical data transmission – the backbone of the Internet – is just one example. Optical technologies are used in areas such as information and communication technology, medicine, car manufacturing, and energy and environmental technology.

The aim of this Elite degree programme, which is taught entirely in English, is to offer excellent students an interdisciplinary Master's degree programme with an international perspective. The MAOT degree programme follows on from a Bachelor's degree in physics or engineering. In the first semester, students are taught the basics of optics with a special emphasis on laser technology. In the second and third semesters, students can choose to specialise in two or three of seven practical areas: optical metrology, optical materials and systems, optical material processing, computation optics, optics in medicine, optics in communication and IT, and the physics of light.

The degree programme combines theoretical knowledge with practical application. The practical relevance of the degree programme is increased through collaboration with the Bavarian Laser Centre (BLZ), the Fraunhofer Institute IISB and departments at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen.

Links to the Erlangen Graduate School in Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT) make it easier for students to go on to complete a doctoral degree, while the core skills (presentation, project management, etc.) taught in the degree programme prepare them for their future careers.

What is MAOT?
  • Two-year degree programme (four semesters) taught in English at the Faculty of Engineering
  • Covers all fields of contemporary optical technologies
  • Learning at the interface of engineering, physics and medicine
  • Programme is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria
  • Collaboration with
    • Doctoral programme in optical technologies
    • Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light
    • Fraunhofer Institute
    • Bavarian Laser Centre

The Master's degree programme in Advanced Optical Technologies (MAOT) provides in-depth training in the fundamentals and applications of state-of-the-art optical technologies. The programme is highly interdisciplinary and brings together experts and knowledge from the fields of engineering, physics, computer science and medicine. At MAOT students benefit from this expertise from across the university in one integrated programme − a unique opportunity in the field of optical technologies.

Having previously completed a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent qualification) in engineering or physics, students are taught the fundamentals of optics and optical technologies and further applications of seven main topics (with two as a major):

  • Optical metrology
  • Optical material processing
  • Optics in medicine
  • Optics in communication and IT
  • Optical materials and systems
  • Computational optics
  • Physics of light

These scientific subjects are supplemented with seminars in core skills such as self-management, communication and presentation skills or scientific work.

Why should you choose MAOT?

Light is a fascinating subject, full of miraculous and amazing phenomena, and a crucial tool for the future development of the world of technology.


Master of Science

Start of programme

Winter semester (September/October)

Application and admission

Students with a degree from a German university should go to the online application portal for Master's degree programmes and follow the on-screen instructions. They then need to fill in the online form, print out the application form and send it together with the required documents to the Master's Office at the given address. After formal eligibility has been confirmed by the Master's Office, applications are forwarded to the programme coordinators for an academic evaluation. Applicants will be informed by the programme coordinators about whether they are being invited to an interview and whether there are any further requirements.


Suitable for students with a Bachelor's degree in

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Applied Physics
Degree programme start date and application deadlines

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Please note: Despite careful checks, we cannot rule out errors or omissions. For this reason, all prospective students are advised to seek detailed information from FAU's Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) before commencing their studies.

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Degree type: Master of Science (MSc)
Type of study: Master
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Language: English
Admission: Qualification assessment
Size: (1-24 Students)
Early entrance programme: no
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Elite degree programme: yes