What is the degree programme about?

Art is an essential part of everyday life and therefore also has its place in education. You can study art education at FAU as part of a teaching degree programme for Grundschule, Mittelschule or Realschule. As an art teacher you will play an important role in encouraging children to be creative and teach them about historical styles and genres.

Differences between different type of schools

At FAU art education can only be studied as part of a teaching degree programme for Grundschule, Mittelschule or Realschule. If you wish to study art education for Gymnasium you must go to an art college (such as the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg).

Teaching degree programme for Grundschule and Mittelschule

For these schools art education can be chosen as either a main subject or a secondary subject.

If you study art education as a main subject, it is always linked with the methods of teaching for the respective type of school.

For these school types you must choose three secondary subjects. This means that if you want to study art as a secondary subject, it will be one of three secondary subjects that you choose.

Teaching degree programme for Realschule

Art education can be chosen as one of two main subjects for Realschule. It can be combined with German, mathematics or English. You cannot choose any secondary subjects for Realschule.

Main subject

If you choose art education as a main subject you will study two main areas: art and teaching methods.


For teaching degree programmes for Realschule, Grundschule and Mittelschule you will take modules on artistic methods, art history and art education, works of art, media and design, and art and teaching. You will also complete a module where you will create your own art works.

If you are studying the teaching degree programme for Realschule you will also take two modules (three seminars) on technical drawing.

Teaching methods

For Grundschule and Mittelschule you must take modules on teaching methods for artistic methods and for art history and education.

Secondary subjects

You can choose art education as one of three secondary subjects for Grundschule or Mittelschule. Here you will develop skills in various artistic methods (such as drawing, painting and printing) and study art history and art education.

Can I study the subject without previous knowledge

To enrol for the teaching degree programme with art education as your main subject you must pass the qualifying examination. You are not required to take the qualifying examination if you wish to enrol with art education as a secondary subject for Grundschule or Mittelschule. The qualifying examination – which may be resat once – consists of:

  • preselection
  • a practical examination
  • an oral examination
Particular features
  • 12-day excursions to locations such as Civitella d'Agliano (Italy), Turunc (Turkey) or Peccia (Ticino, Switzerland) to study art
  • 2 to 3-day excursions to cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Vienna or Basel to study contemporary art
  • various weekend seminars such as theatre workshops, printing seminars, and paper and textile seminars
  • the opportunity to get involved with organising and designing exhibitions at the Chair of Art Education or outside the University, such as at AEG, Poesie des Materials in Eichstätt, or Florale Archive
  • partnerships with various art institutions in Nuremberg and across Germany
Degree program start date and application deadlines

The FAU website provides an overview of the current application deadlines as well as information on the selection process and how to apply.

Start date of degree program: Winter Term

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Degree type: State Examination
Type of study: Teaching Degree
Location: Erlangen, Nuremberg
Standard duration of study: 7 Semester
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology