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Biology (BSc)

What is the degree programme about?

Some people think biologists just stroke animals or collect plants – which is nonsense of course. Biology is currently one of the fastest developing disciplines in the sciences. While a few centuries ago the main focus was on observing nature, the discovery of DNA and new insights into metabolic processes shifted the emphasis more and more towards the molecular relationships involved in life. Many sub-disciplines of biology – from biochemistry to cell biology – provide basic research for medicine, agriculture, food and conservation. Today's biology students learn the methods and contexts of a fascinating science that changes the way we see ourselves and nature with each new finding.

A degree in biology qualifies you for a career in research, development and application in various fields within the natural sciences – from the development of new medications to the cultivation of resistant plant species or forensic analysis. If you have a passion for modern biology, are not afraid to study elements of chemistry, physics and mathematics, and are good at working independently, the Bachelor's degree programme Biology at FAU is perfect for you.

What can I do with this degree?

The many sub-disciplines of biology and the overlap with related subjects such as chemistry, medicine and pharmacy mean that biology graduates are able to pursue a wide range of careers. Many biologists work in research and development at universities and other research institutions, or in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. However, they are also in demand in production, quality control, marketing and sales at companies in these industries. Other areas where graduates may work include:

  • laboratories, e.g. in medical diagnostics and environmental analysis
  • institutions related to art and culture
  • public administration, conservation
  • journalism and marketing, botanical gardens and zoos, museums
  • associations
  • non-formal education
What qualities and skills do I need?
  • an interest in and passion for modern biology
  • an interest in and sound knowledge of chemistry, physics and mathematics
  • the ability to work independently, as well as a good amount of determination and perseverance
Why study biology at FAU?
  • This degree programme delivers a structured basis, for understanding the many different fields in biology.
  • We have modern classrooms with advanced equipment and students receive intensive support from lecturers and tutors.
  • The specialisation in cell and molecular biology is highly relevant to current research and means graduates have good career prospects. A special feature of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes at FAU is that you can also choose modules from medicine (immunology, medical virology or human genetics), preparing you for a career in biomedicine.
Potential challenges
  • To study biology you also need knowledge of chemistry. Chemistry makes up a large part of the first year. Lectures start at the introductory level but quickly become more complex. If you do not have sound knowledge of chemistry from school you may want to take a preparatory course in chemistry (before the start of the first semester) or find another way to catch up.
  • Just because you liked biology at school does not necessarily mean that you should study it at university. The content of the Biology degree programme differs greatly from what is taught at schools. Due to current research projects, FAU is able to offer a specialisation in cell and molecular biology, a discipline with good career prospects. However, this means that traditional disciplines such as zoology, botany and ecology are limited to the basics. We do not offer other specialisations such as behavioural biology or marine biology – after all, there is no sea in Erlangen.
  • If you do not do any independent learning you will experience difficulties. In addition to attending lectures and doing laboratory work, you also need to revise subjects independently in order to pass the examinations.
Degree programme start date and application deadlines

Biology (BSc) can be started only in winter semester. There are on admissions but applicants need to follow a registration procedure. Registrations have to be submitted before August 15 online via campo

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Degree type: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Type of study: One subject Bachelor's degree programme
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 6 Semester
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Language: German
Size: (100-199 Students)
Early entrance programme: yes
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences

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