Business Education (MSc)

What is the degree programme about?

Business Education is a Master's degree programme that follows on from a Bachelor's degree or Diplom in business studies. According to the German law on teacher training (Lehrerbildungsgesetz), it is equivalent to the first State Examination in teaching and therefore qualifies graduates to start teacher training (Referendariat) to become teachers at vocational schools specialising in business. The degree programme incorporates both education science and business studies. There are two possible programme specialisations, one of which enables students to continue with their second subject from their Bachelor's degree.

The largest component of the education science part of the programme, worth 20 ECTS credits, is the module 'Teaching methodology of vocational and business education'. The module is run in collaboration with local vocational schools. During the first two semesters, students spend four hours per week at a local vocational school in set groups and are mentored by a teacher at the school. Practical teaching experience is complemented by blocks of courses at the University.

What type of Bachelor's degree do I need?

In principle, all applicants with a Bachelor's degree in business and economics, business education, business administration, economics, information systems, economics and mathematics or industrial engineering are eligible for this degree programme.

In certain cases, graduates of degree programmes in business law may be accepted if business formed a substantial enough part of their studies. More information about admission requirements is available below. If you are interested in the degree programme and have a degree in a different subject or a degree from a different university in Germany or abroad, please contact the degree programme coordinator.

Modules and degree programme structure

The full-time and part-time study plans for both possible programme specialisations, along with a study guide and module handbook, are available on the website of the Chair of Business Education.


Potential challenges:

Education science is a key part of the degree programme and focuses on teaching in schools, therefore the degree programme is not suitable for students who would like a career in industry, such as in human resources.

Frequently asked questions about the degree programme:

Is there a way to improve my knowledge of a second subject to the required level?

Yes, you can do this via the business education certificate programme. Please contact the subject advisor for the Business Education Master's degree programme.

Admission requirements

Applicants require a Bachelor's degree or Diplom in relevant subjects. It is possible to apply before completing the Bachelor's degree, however, in this case applicants must have already obtained 135 ECTS credits in a six-semester Bachelor's degree programme at the time of application (or 162 credits for seven-semester Bachelor's degree programmes). International applicants must provide proof of German proficiency equivalent to DSH-2 or TestDaF 4.

After application documents have been formally checked, there is a two-stage admissions procedure. The required skills are evaluated with points in each stage. Applicants with over 70 points are admitted to the programme. Applicants with fewer than 50 points in stage 1 are not admitted; applicants with 50 to 69 points must undergo additional evaluation in stage 2. The following are evaluated in stage 1:

  • Grade in Bachelor's degree or Diplom (certificate with transcript of records)
  • Quality and quantity of achievements in business education; alternatively proof of knowledge of the subject may be demonstrated by submitting proof of the Ausbildereignungsprüfung (trainer aptitude examination), the 'Gepr. Berufspädagoge/Gepr. Berufspädagogin (BBiG)' examination and professional experience in vocational education along with the application documents. Applicants without any relevant achievements will receive 0 points in this area. However, this does not prevent them from advancing in the admissions procedure.
  • A research proposal written by the candidate on a set topic which is the same for all applicants in the given application period. The topic and an information sheet will be published on the Chair of Business Education and Human Resources Development's website.

Stage 2 consists of a 20-minute interview with a presentation on a set topic which is the same for all applicants in the given application period.

Degree program start date and application deadlines

Please find more detailed information on how to apply for a Master or advanced degree program on the following website:

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Degree type: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Type of study: Master
Location: Nuremberg
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law
Admission: Qualification assessment