Computational Linguistics (BA)

What is the degree programme about?

Do you want to know how a search engine finds the websites matching your search request and how it can suggest others or make corrections? Or how voice control works in new smart phones? How computers can automatically extract facts and opinions from digital texts (such as Wikipedia, online news reports or social media)? And do you want to know what 'digital humanities' is about? Then Computational Linguistics is the right degree programme for you.

Computational Linguistics investigates the processing of human language and involves developing computer models to understand, produce and learn language by applying theories and methods from computer science, linguistics, cognitive science and fundamental mathematical knowledge (formal logic or statistics). At FAU, Computational Linguistics is focused on the technical and practical aspects of machine language processing. The necessary basic knowledge of theoretical and empirical linguistics can be obtained by studying an additional linguistic subject.

As a graduate of Computational Linguistics, you can work in product development. Computer-aided information comprehension will be significant in the future and language data processing will always be a key aspect. Therefore, you have excellent job prospects.

What can I do with this degree?

The following areas are suggestions of the many fields you can work in

  • in research and teaching in computational linguistics, corpus linguistics and computer science
  • in research institutes and software development
  • in technical information and documentation (indexing, research and reporting)
  • in the development of databases and archives
  • for information providers in new media and electronic publishing
  • in market research and social media monitoring
  • in monolingual and multilingual lexicography and terminology
  • in the development of computer-aided language courses
  • in text production and editing for publishers, newspapers and in the area of office automation.
What qualities and skills do I need?
  • Interest in language, mathematics and computer science
  • Perseverance – programming is time-consuming work. You may spend hours on troubleshooting bugs.
  • Interest in research, learning and innovation.
Good reasons for choosing to study at FAU
  • In the corpus linguistics specialisation, you learn to work with large collections of text (corpora) and analyse these with technology as part of your studies
  • During a four-week placement at a company or at the Chair you will see how expert knowledge in computer linguistics is applied in the professional world and in research
  • Thanks to the close links between research and teaching you will be introduced to current research topics and learn the applications of corpus and computational linguistics first hand
  • In the second subject, you will obtain in-depth linguistic training which is integrated well into the degree programme
Potential challenges
  • In computational linguistics, you have to deal with statistics.
  • Programming can be tedious, time-consuming work. It may take quite a while until you solve a problem – but finding the right solution is worth the effort!
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Combinable degree programs

Can be combined*

English and American Studies (BA), German Language and Literature (BA)

*These courses are scheduled in such a way that the subjects can usually be combined without overlapping.

Can be combined after consulting a study advisor*

Archaeological Sciences (BA), Book Studies (BA), French Studies (BA), Cultural Geography (BA), History (BA), Greek Philology (BA), Hispanic Studies (BA), Indo-European and Indo-Iranian Studies (BA), Islamic-Religious Studies (BA), Italian Studies (BA), Japanese Studies (BA), Cultural History of Christianity (BA), Art History (BA), Latin Philology (BA), Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (BA), Business and Economics (BA), Oriental Studies (BA), Education (BA), Philosophy (BA), Political Science (BA), Chinese Studies (BA), Scandinavian Studies (BA), Sociology (BA), Theatre and Media Studies (BA)

As it is not guaranteed that there will be no overlap between teaching times in this combination, you will be required to submit proof of consultation with a study advisor when enrolling. Please contact the Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) or the Student Service Centre of the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology.

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Start date of degree program: Winter Term

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Degree type: Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Type of study: Two subject Bachelor's degree programme
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 6 Semester
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Size: (currently 1-50 Students)
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions