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Energy Technology (BSc)

What is the degree programme about?

Supplying environmentally friendly yet affordable energy is one of the key challenges in the 21st century. This degree programme focuses on the engineering and technical aspects of energy technology. Students gain knowledge of key disciplines – mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering and computer science – and also learn about energy-related aspects of process engineering, electronic engineering (e.g. processes in supply networks) and materials engineering (e.g. which materials are used in energy technology).

At the end of the degree programme, graduates have good knowledge of all processes that take place at different parts of the supply chain, from the power plant to the consumer, thanks to the diverse range of subjects covered in this degree programme.

What can I do with this degree?

We can predict with confidence that the demand for qualified energy technology engineers will increase continuously in the future. They are currently in high demand across Germany, particularly in Erlangen and around Nuremberg, a region which specialises in energy.

Areas in which graduates may find career opportunities include:

  • planning, construction and optimisation of energy supply systems
  • research and development for renewable energies and innovative technologies
  • project management and quality assurance
What qualities and skills do I need?

The most important requirements are:

  • an interest in mathematics and physics
  • team skills, especially for laboratory work and tutorials
  • advanced proficiency in English
  • an interest in a wide range of disciplines of engineering, as the degree programme is highly interdisciplinary – students do not just learn about individual areas but become familiar with the overlap between them, enabling them to see the whole picture
Good reasons for choosing to study at FAU

FAU is able to offer an interdisciplinary approach as this degree programme was created especially with this in mind. Each area is given a suitable amount of attention. Other advantages of FAU's Faculty of Engineering include:

  • many partnerships with locally-based companies in industry (e.g. Siemens, Areva) mean there are plenty of opportunities for placements and jobs
  • a strong focus on research: the degree programme has links with Energie Campus Nürnberg, a joint project involving research groups and companies in and around Nuremberg that work on energy technology
Potential challenges
  • Energy Technology is an engineering degree programme and should not be confused with politics-based degree programmes which, for example, only focus on the advantages of renewable energy. While alternative energy sources are the subject of a considerable proportion of the degree programme, equal attention is given to traditional energy sources and other sources, such as nuclear energy.
  • Examinations periods are at the beginning and end of the semester breaks, meaning that you will need to use the breaks to study and prepare for examinations.
  • You will need to have well-structured independent working methods and carry out careful preparation and follow-up work in order to complete the degree programme within the set period.
  • You must do a placement in industry as part of the degree programme. It is possible to complete this placement before starting the degree programme; if you have some free time before you begin we recommend you take a look at the information about placements on the degree programme website.
Degree programme start date and application deadlines

The FAU website provides an overview of the current application deadlines as well as information on the selection process and how to apply.

Start date of degree programme: Winter Term

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Please note: Despite careful checks, we cannot rule out errors or omissions. For this reason, all prospective students are advised to seek detailed information from FAU's Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) before commencing their studies.

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Degree type: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Type of study: One subject Bachelor's degree programme
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 6 Semester
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Language: German
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions
Size: (50-99 Students)
Early entrance programme: no
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering