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Geography (teaching degree)

What is the degree programme about?

'What is the capital of...?' Nowadays geography is about much more than simply knowing the names of capital cities and the lengths of rivers, and this applies to the school subject, too. The subject content of the degree programme is largely determined by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts. In addition to urban and rural areas, populations and mobility, economics and global structures, topics such as geomorphology, soil geography, climatology and phytogeography are part of the timetable.
The teaching degree programme differs from the Bachelor's degree programme in terms of its focus on the regional geography of Bavaria, Germany, Europe and other areas in the rest of the world. In light of this, there are many excursions to near-by regions, as well as one longer excursion where you may travel further afield to a region in Asia, Africa or South America. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of geography-based elective modules, giving you an opportunity to specialise or try out a new subject that interests you.

Since, as a geography teacher, you will not just need to know about geography but also about how to teach it to your pupils, you will also study teaching and learning methods to enable you to choose, prepare and teach relevant geographical topics. You will study all of the relevant sub-areas, from the educational value and practical relevance of geography, to different working methods used in the natural and social sciences, to methods of planning lessons and excursions. Supervised teaching placements, a strong focus on practice and partnerships with schools that specialise in teacher training ensure that you will have the best possible start to your teacher training (Referendariat).

The majority of lectures and seminars for students studying to become teachers at a Grundschule or Hauptschule are held in Nuremberg. The lectures and seminars for students studying to become teachers at a Realschule or Gymnasium are held in Erlangen and overlap to a certain extent with those for Bachelor's degree programmes. This gives you the opportunity to change to a Bachelor's degree programme if you decide that teaching is not for you.

What qualities and skills do I need?

There are no specific requirements for this degree programme. The most important thing is that you have an interest in the material so that you enjoy your studies, even at times when it may get a little stressful.

Good reasons for choosing to study at FAU
  • If you study the degree programme to teach at a Gymnasium you can apply for a Bachelor of Arts after six semesters which will allow you to study a Master's degree programme in human geography or physical geography and change to a career in research.
Potential challenges
  • The content of the degree programme differs greatly from the geography taught in schools.
  • Methods such as cartography and geographical information systems (GIS) are part of modern school curricula and must be learnt during the degree programme.
  • You will need to be good at organising your own time as the study plan is not completely set out for you. You must make some decisions yourself as to which courses and examinations fit into your study plan best and make sure that you do not take on too much at once.
Degree programme start date and application deadlines

The FAU website provides an overview of the current application deadlines as well as information on the selection process and how to apply.

Start date of degree programme: Winter Term

Pre-registration procedure (only those who have registered by 15.7. will receive a study place). Here you will find further information about Geography LA Primary School, Geography LA Secondary School, Geography LA Secondary School and Geography LA Secondary School.
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Degree type: State Examination
Type of study: Teaching Degree
Location: Erlangen, Nuremberg
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions, Registration
Early entrance programme: no
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences