Media Education

What is a supplementary programme for teaching degree programmes (Lehramt)?

Media Education (Grundschule, Mittelschule, Realschule und Gymnasium [primary and secondary education]) is not an independent degree programme but a supplementary qualification programme for a teaching degree programme (Lehramt). You can only study Media Education as part of a teaching degree programme as a supplementary qualification in addition to your first and second subject. More information on supplementary qualification programmes as part of a teaching degree programme is available on our teaching degree programme (Lehramt) information page.

What is Media Education about?

Media Education as a supplementary subject can be studied by all teaching degree students and as an additional qualification by teachers of all types of schools. Modules are organised in such a way that teachers can study them alongside their normal work. This additional qualification for teachers is the first example in Bavaria of successfully combining modules offered by the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb) with modules offered at a university.

More than 50% of the modules are offered by vhb and are taught in tutorials. Teachers can study at home with their computer. Individual courses can be selected by all students as additional qualifications or specialisations, or can be used as a further development qualification by teachers of all types of schools.

Media Education qualifies for teaching in the area of media. It includes

  • teaching students how to use media sensibly
  • integrating digital media in learning and teaching processes
  • advising teachers, pupils and parents in media matters
  • promoting and integrating media in school organisation processes

Moreover, after completion of the programme, teachers can work in media education outside of schools. It is a requirement for becoming a counselling teacher for media education and information technology (Beratungslehrkraft), for managing a media centre and a good basis for working as a seminar teacher or leader.

Contents at FAU

Media Education is studied for approximately four semesters and is completed with a State Examination (Staatsprüfung).

More than 50% of all modules are offered in the form of virtual tutorials. All other modules are offered at FAU by its Chair of General Educational Science II in the form of seminars. FAU offers practice-oriented seminars on media design, teaching media and media teaching methods which are tailored to the individual types of schools.

The supplementary qualification programme is centred around a project seminar in which every student has to develop their own media product which forms the basis of the practical examination within the Staatsexamen.

The degree programme consists of four specialisations:

  • media education
  • teaching media
  • media design
  • information technology foundations
Degree program start date and application deadlines

The FAU's website offers an Overview of the current application deadlines as well as information on the local selection procedure and application.


Here you can also find information about Application for subjects without admission.

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Degree type: Supplementary teaching programme
Type of study: Supplementary teaching programme
Location: Nuremberg
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree program: Summer Term, Winter Term
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions