Medical Process Management (MSc)

What is the degree programme about?

The degree programme focuses on health literacy, the healthcare system, healthcare IT, and quality and process management. Students learn how to improve patient care and increase the added value of the healthcare system by means of effective and efficient processes.

In addition to foundation subjects such as quality and risk management, finance management, medical informatics, communication and collaborations in healthcare, students acquire in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system, medical correlations, integrated treatment processes and business process management in healthcare.

What type of Bachelor's degree do I need?

In principle, all applicants with a degree from the Faculty of Engineering or the School of Business and Economics are eligible.

If you are interested in this degree programme and have a degree in a different subject or a degree from a different university in Germany or abroad, please contact the degree programme coordinator.

Modules and degree programme structure

Semester 1

Module 1.1: Foundations of medicine

  • Medical process management preparation course
  • Functional anatomy of the human body
  • Introduction to pharmacotherapy
  • Foundations and organisation of emergency medical care

Module 1.2: Health management I

  • Aspects of communication and collaboration in healthcare
  • Quality management – management theory
  • Health care information systems

Module 1.3: Basics of disease identification

Module 1.4: Work placement between the first and second semester

Semester 2

Module 2.1: Introduction to clinical medicine

  • Imaging techniques, radiotherapy and radiation protection
  • Surgery, invasive procedures and organ replacement techniques
  • Fundamentals of the healthcare structure

Module 2.2: Medical management II

  • Public health and evidence-based medicine
  • Medical quality management
  • Specific aspects of the German healthcare system

Module 2.3: Information technology in healthcare

Module 2.4: Management of medical business processes

Module 2.5: Work placement between the second and third semester

Semester 3

3.1: Imaging techniques, radiotherapy and radiation protection

  • Prevention, diagnostics, treatment and follow-up treatment of malignant diseases
  • IT-based processes in diagnostic imaging

Module 3.2: Medical management III

  • VAO simulation of processes and operational procedures in healthcare
  • Medical risk management and patient safety
  • Healthcare systems in other countries
  • Strategic management of companies in the healthcare sector

Module 3.3: From process management to clinical pathways

  • Interdisciplinary medicine
  • Pharmacotherapy of common diseases

Module 3.4: Business process management and IT

Module 3.5: Work placement between the third and fourth semester

Module 3.6 (additional module)*: Hospital management I

Module 3.7 (additional module)*: Outpatient management I

Module 3.8: Pharmaceutical management I

Module 3.9: Payer organisations I

Semester 4

Module 4.1: Master's thesis and oral examination

* Additional modules can replace any module worth 5 ECTS credits.

Admission requirements

For admission to Medical Process Management, you must have an undergraduate degree from a German or international university or an equivalent degree in sciences, technology, engineering, economics or social sciences. Applicants have to complete the qualification assessment process.

Degree program start date and application deadlines

Please find more detailed information on how to apply for a Master or advanced degree program on the following website:

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Degree type: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Type of study: Master
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Size: (currently 1-50 Students)
Admission: Qualification assessment