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Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin (MA)

What is the degree programme about?

Students acquire expert knowledge of the Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period in the areas of Latin literature and language, palaeography and codicology, editorial techniques, textuality and cultural research. They also learn how to conduct graduate level research effectively. Students are prepared for their future careers through a placement in a research project and practical work at the Bavarian State Library in Munich, which houses the world's largest collection of Latin manuscripts.

What type of Bachelor's degree do I need?

All graduates from the Bachelor's degree programme Medieval Latin and Neo-Latin are eligible, they do not have to submit further proof of expertise. Graduates from other subjects (with a focus on the Middle Ages) can also be admitted after passing a selection interview.

If you are interested in this degree programme and have a degree in a different subject or a degree from a different university in Germany or abroad, please contact the degree programme coordinator.

Modules and degree programme structure
Latin literature and language until the High Middle Ages10
Advanced seminar: Latin literature and language I6
Tutorial: Translation of selected texts4
Latin literature and language in the Medieval and Early Modern Period10
Advanced seminar: Latin literature and language II6
Lecture/tutorial: Translation of selected texts4
Media aspects of the Pre-Modern Era I10
Seminar: Palaeography and codicology I6
Supervised course: Palaeography online4
Media aspects of the Pre-Modern Era II15
Seminar: palaeography and codicology II6
Seminar: Ecdotics5
Media practice10
Supervised practical work at the Bavarian State Library in Munich with self-study component6
Seminar group4
European culture of the Pre-Modern Era10
Elective module on Antiquity, the Middle Ages or the Early Modern Period from one of the following subjects: English studies, book studies, German studies, history, classical Latin, art history, philosophy, Romance studies10
Medieval textuality10
Advanced seminar: Textuality6
Lecture: Textualität (textuality)4
Latin culture of the Medieval and the Early Modern Period15
Advanced seminar: Culture and cultural tools6
Placement in a Medieval or Early Modern Era Research Project5
Master's thesis30

Potential challenges:

  • Creating the study plan and registering for the modules (we also provide advice and support before the beginning of the semester; it is possible to register after the deadline).
  • Students with degrees in other subjects may lack individual specialist skills and knowledge (you can acquire such knowledge in our Bachelor's modules).

The most important aspects of the degree programme are set out in an introductory event for new students at the beginning of the semester.

Admission requirements

Applicants with a Bachelor's degree with a minimum grade of at least 2.5 in a subject incorporating Latin philology of the Middle Ages (Medieval Latin) are eligible for this degree programme. Applicants with an average grade between 2.5 and 3.0 or in whose case it is unclear whether their previous knowledge is sufficient for this degree programme have to pass a selection interview (15 minutes). Graduates of other subjects are required to submit proof of good Latin proficiency along with their other documents.

Degree programme start date and application deadlines

Please find more detailed information on how to apply for a Master or advanced degree programme on the following website:

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Please note: Despite careful checks, we cannot rule out errors or omissions. For this reason, all prospective students are advised to seek detailed information from FAU's Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) before commencing their studies.

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Degree type: Master of Arts (MA)
Type of study: Master
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions
Early entrance programme: no
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology