Molecular Medicine (MSc)

What is the degree program about?

This degree program builds on the Bachelor's degree program in Molecular Medicine. Students can expand and refine their knowledge of molecular and cellular subjects. They focus on practical experimental laboratory work as well as on the academic discussion and critical analysis of research findings. They are also introduced to a wide range of modern laboratory methods.

Admission requirements

Applicants with a good Bachelor's degree (grade of 2.5 or better) in molecular medicine are eligible for this degree program.

Applicants with a degree in another subject are required to have basic knowledge of biomedicine and experience with lab experiments. Eligibility must be proven in an admissions examination.

In principle, all graduates of the Bachelor's degree program in Molecular Medicine are eligible for this degree program. Applicants with a degree in molecular medicine, biomedicine, human biology or biomedical sciences with a grade of 2.5 or higher are directly accepted. Graduates of related degree programmes in the area of life science, e.g. biology, molecular biology or human medicine can demonstrate their suitability in an admissions examination which is offered once a year. The date will be announced on the degree program website.

If you are interested in this degree program and have a degree in a different subject or a degree from a different university in Germany or abroad, please contact the degree program coordinator.

Structure of the program

Compulsory subjects

  • 35 ECTS in the 1st and 2nd semester
  • Advanced lectures in molecular medicine 1 and 2
  • Laboratory: Animal science and biological safety
  • Architecture of biopolymers
  • Research design

Compulsory electives

  • 55 ECTS in the 1st-3rd semester
  • Seminar modules, e. g. genetics and genomics, molecular neuroscience or essential concepts in modern virology
  • Practical research training (mobility possible)
  • Project development
  • Elective module

Master's thesis

  • 30 ECTS in the 4th semester
Bachelor's degree program in Molecular Medicine

Click here for the Bachelor's degree program in Molecular Medicine.

Degree program start date and application deadlines

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Degree type: Master of Science (MSc)
Type of study: Master
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Language: Entirely in English
Size: (currently 1-50 Students)
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
Admission: Qualification assessment