Molecular Science (MSc)

Dieser Studiengang wird nur in englischer Sprache angeboten.
What is the degree program about?

Molecular Science follows on from the Bachelor's degree programme and offers a broad yet in-depth education reflecting the highly successful research at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy in Erlangen. Students have the opportunity to specialise and build on their knowledge of both molecular nanoscience and molecular life science. It is a four-semester Master's degree programme, consisting of three semesters of courses and one semester for the Master's thesis. Successful graduates may enter a doctoral programme or pursue a career in chemistry, nanotechnology or pharmacy.

Additionally, a dual degree Programme with the University of Wollongong (UoW, Australia) is offered. After successful completion of the program (1st and 4th semester at FAU, 2nd and 3rd at UoW), two degrees, one of each partner institution, will be awarded.

Admission requirements

Successful applicants for Molecular Science must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a strong theoretical and practical background in chemical sciences.

Please apply online via application portal campo.

Structure of the program
  • 1st and 2nd semester: compulsory and elective modules
    The first two semesters consist of three modules, one compulsory module (equivalent to 30 ECTS) which can be Molecular Nano Science or Drug Discovery, one elective compulsory module that you have to choose from the areas of Molecule Synthesis, Theory, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Biology or Medicinal Chemistry and one elective module.
  • 3rd semester: preparatory modules
    The third semester is reserved for the three preparatory modules. Examinations are usually taken in the third semester.
  • 4th semester: Master's thesis
    The Master's thesis (30 ECTS credits) is completed in the fourth semester.
Specialisations and career prospects

Compulsory modules:
Molecular Nanoscience or Drug Discovery

Elective compulsory modules (one out of six):
Molecular Synthesis, Theory, Physical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry of Life

Elective module:
Technical Chemistry, Crystallography & Structural Physics, Food Chemistry, Instrumental Forensic and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Semiconductor Technology, Nanoelectronics, Advanced Electrochemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry of Life or of Free Choice.

Bachelor's degree program in Molecular Science
Here you can find some information about the Bachelor-level program Molecular Science.
Degree program start date and application deadlines

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Degree type: Master of Science (MSc)
Type of study: Master
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 4 Semester
Start date of degree program: Summer Term, Winter Term
Language: Entirely in English
Size: (currently 1-50 Students)
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences
Admission: Qualification assessment