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Pharmaceutical Studies

What is the degree programme about?

Pharmacy is a scientific discipline. You are introduced to research in the development, preparation, production, storage and quality assurance of drugs as well as to their effects and safe use. The origins of pharmacy can be traced far back in time making it one of the oldest sciences in the world.

The degree programme prepares you to work as a pharmacist. It is a diverse scientific degree programme which also involves many aspects of chemistry and biology (regarding the effects of drugs in the human body) and some elements of physics and mathematics. If you like experiments, you will definitely like pharmacy. Although a large part of the degree programme is devoted to theory, it is very practice-oriented and you will spend many hours in the laboratory.

After your studies you will be able to prepare and analyse all sorts of drugs. You will know which medicines are effective in specific cases and how tablets and ointments work. You will be spoilt for choice regarding your career path.

What can I do with this degree?

Most pharmacists work in public and hospital pharmacies (approximately 85%). Thanks to your interdisciplinary training you are qualified to work in many other areas as well, such as

  • teaching and research at universities and other teaching and research institutions
  • the pharmaceutical industry (research, production, licensing, analysis)
  • health authorities and test laboratories (forensic analysis, environmental protection, addictive substances and residue analysis).
What qualities and skills do I need?
  • An interest in and understanding of chemistry, biology and physics is required. School knowledge in sciences (sciences as major subjects) is sufficient. However, any additional knowledge and practical skills will make the start easier for you.
  • Working with pharmaceutical products requires care and precision. Therefore, you should get into the habit of working carefully in laboratory practice straight away and learn how to evaluate your results critically.
Good reasons for choosing to study at FAU
  • Our student advice service provides assistance for all sorts of degree-related questions and issues. Members of the student association and students of higher semesters will also be glad to answer your questions and help you settle in.
  • Pharmacy graduates have very good career prospects
  • It is true, you have to study a lot. However, we also recommend the various events organised by the student association, such as our 'pharma parties' and summer and Christmas parties.
Potential challenges
  • To study pharmacy, you have to understand chemistry and biology, physiological and chemical reactions and the physical reactions in humans, animals and plants.
  • You will have to invest quite some time into studying. Names, terms, correlations – You have 8 semesters to learn all about the human body, pharmaceutical products and medicine and how to apply that knowledge in practice.
  • During the first four semesters, the relevance for practical work might not be entirely evident; you have to invest effort into into studying chemical and biological theory.
Degree programme start date and application deadlines

In contrast to many other subjects you apply for the study of pharmacy not directly at the FAU but at hochschulstart. de. The course of study is restricted (bayernweiter NC). At the FAU, pharmacy can only be started in the winter semester. Deadline for applications is 15. July (if you have passed your final examination in the current year) or. May 31st (if your Abi has been around for some time).

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Please note: Despite careful checks, we cannot rule out errors or omissions. For this reason, all prospective students are advised to seek detailed information from FAU's Student Advice and Career Service (IBZ) before commencing their studies.

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Degree type: State Examination
Type of study: State Examination
Location: Erlangen
Standard duration of study: 8 Semester
Start date of degree programme: Winter Term
Language: German
Admission: NC (
Size: (100-199 Students)
Early entrance programme: no
Part-time study: no
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Sciences