Social Studies (teaching degree)

How is it different to the school subject?

There are two major differences to the contents of the school subject.

The subject is studied in depth, focusing on the mechanisms of Germany's political system, the transition of the social structure from the pre-modern period to the present and fundamental theoretical approaches in political science and sociology.

Furthermore, you are introduced to new subject areas such as international politics, the changing labour markets, the structure of social inequality, gender relations, the educational system, migration, and changes in private and family life.

Can I study the subject without previous knowledge?

You need a keen interest in political sciences and sociology. Previous knowledge in the historical development of the Federal Republic of Germany is advantageous. Furthermore, you should be prepared to familiarise yourself with new subjects, either by yourself or in study groups.

Differences between different types of schools

In the political science component, the teaching degree programme for Grundschule/Hauptschule (primary education) differs from the teaching degree programme for Realschule/Gymnasium (secondary education) in terms of the technical content. In the sociology component, there are differences between the school types Grundschule/Hauptschule/Realschule and Gymnasium.

Special options during the degree programme

In the components political science and sociology you can choose from an offer of block seminars and field trips (museums, Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds).
In teaching methodology you can participate in subject-specific projects in the region. The methodological approaches are drawn from the respective subject and comprise all subject-relevant teaching methods.

Field trips are an integral part of the degree programme (regular trips to Berlin in the summer semester). Political education at FAU involves collaborations with external political institutions. (More information is available at!)

How do I learn how to teach the subject at school?

The teacher training is student-oriented and the individual modules are designed accordingly. Apart from the general teaching skills taught in the two introductory lectures, a difference is made between primary education (Grundschule) and the secondary education levels I + II in the seminars with the focus on conveying subject-specific methods and media competences. Research priorities are based on the historical and political environment of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Degree program start date and application deadlines

The FAU website provides an overview of the current application deadlines as well as information on the selection process and how to apply.

Start date of degree program: Winter Term

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Degree type: State Examination
Type of study: Teaching Degree
Location: Erlangen, Nuremberg
Standard duration of study: 9/7 (GYM/Other)
Start date of degree program: Winter Term
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology
Admission: No Admissions Restrictions