Advanced Optical Technologies, Dimitrii

Which factors lead to your particular choice of study programme?

  • Interdisciplinarity. The fields of engineering, physics, computer science and medicine are all combined in the programme.
  • Optical technologies play an important role in our daily live nowadays. I believe this role will become even more significant in future.
  • Feedback of the graduates of MAOT. Only positive and encouraging words were said about the programme and that was an essential indicator to make my decision.

What do you like the most about your study programme?

  • Once more, it is interdisciplinarity. Basic introduction courses are given in the first semester in order to bring students to the same level of knowledge. After that, a student can decide which specific fields he wants to focus on. Two major topics (out of seven) are required to be chosen to complete the programme.
  • The program is well-organized. The mentors and administration members are very supportive and always friendly in whatever situations students are.
  • Important place in “what I like list” takes the beauty and fanciness of optical experiments.

What would be your advice for other potential students from abroad? Did you face any obstacles?

  • FAU provides the special programme called “Buddy Programme”, which helped me a lot during my first days in Germany. I would only recommend participation in this programme.
  • The administration staff is quite supportive in any issues that can happen to a student. The same goes for senior students. I would suggest to not hesitate to contact anyone, since most of the “obstacles” have been already encountered by previous students and the solutions are already known.
  • The only problem that normally comes up after one year of study is that international students are forced to leave their dormitories (international students are allowed to stay in a dormitory for a maximum 1 year). In that case, I highly recommend new students to start searching for an accommodation few months in advance, since the situation with accommodation in Erlangen is not the easiest in Germany.

Why did you choose FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg?

My answer to that question is pretty simple and straightforward. Based on the collaboration between my former university and FAU, I got an internship for 6 months in one of the MAOT institutions. After seeing the experimental facilities and industrial collaborations, I was highly motivated to come back and start a master degree programme here.

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