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Development Economics and International Studies, Aleksandra

Which factors led to your particular choice of study program?

I am much interested in the field of developing markets, as I originally come from a country that is currently on this level. I wanted to gain more information on this topic through international education in university. I wanted to study hard, meet professionals from other cultures, learn their way of thinking, and innovative strategies they use for their success. I wanted to know more about western business style, which is focused on customers’ desires and needs and differs much from Russia’s business style, because western business is much more oriented at practical sides than theories; and from my point of view, that is one of the main reason for success. I also wanted to be a part of the German working market; that is I had to learn much about the methods, styles and standards, which are used in the companies here.

What do you like the most about your study program?

I have chosen this program, because it has all facilities and resources that could help me to progress in my professional area and could give me some unique possibilities to acquire international research and business experience in the country with huge heritage of big companies & innovative practices and many modern advancements. I strongly appreciate an opportunity to study in a place that gives me multiple opportunities after getting Master’s degree. When I graduate in Development Economics and International Studies, I would be able to contribute much in the profession and become a specialist in essential area for society.

What would be your advice for other potential students from abroad? Did you face any obstacles?

I had a vast experience of studying and living abroad even before coming to Germany, but I have never felt that comfortable and at ease. Everything is quite clear; you always know where to go and where to get an answer to any question. Coordinators of the program would always help you either during working hour or via e-mail.

Why did you choose FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg?

Having some feedback of my fellow-students who studied abroad, about FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, in particular, I noticed that this university has a special approach to studying. What is especially important for me, here there is a big room for the analysis for the projects, and it is set as a priority task. Doing a project I would need to choose a specific topic and analyze it carefully, using detailed examples and provide creative solutions to the problems. It is very important for the inspiration and self-development. I strongly believed that in FAU my basic knowledge could be extended with more specific, deep aspects in various professional areas, this is necessary for a well-educated specialist.
I was also very much interested in studying in FAU as it belongs to top European universities and is known for high-quality education level. Doing a lot of research work during my study in Russia, it was a great chance for my professional growth to do research in this university, as it offers excellent research opportunities and infrastructure. The possibility to synergy research efforts with other companies makes this area of academic studies even more attractive for testing and investigating research projects.

One more reason for choosing FAU is the heritage of Germany, as the country whose companies and innovations made such a great impact on the world, obtain a huge amount of knowledge and advanced schools in our days. I strongly wished I could expand my knowledge of Germany mystery of efficiency because, in my opinion, as well as I consider, it is very exciting to apply the ingenious classical solutions of the past in the modern economics and business.

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