International Business Studies, Viktoryia

Which factors lead to your particular choice of study programme?

  • Working experience with international clients which I had. I noticed cultural differences in communication and management. It was interesting to learn more about them.
  • Desire to understand deeper how international business functions. I had many ideas and thoughts about international business in my home country. I felt that my bachelor degree was not enough and there was really a lot to further explore. Books and online courses (such as courses on edX and Coursera) were not sufficient.
  • Need of new challenges especially those which require thinking and analysis.

What do you like the most about your study programme?

  • Opportunity to choose subjects from different areas of business, but with the focus on international environment (Int. Management, Int. Marketing, E-Business etc.).
  • Most courses are interesting and provide up to date information which is not just academic, but applicable in business life.
  • Working on student projects with people from all over the world. It is a valuable experience of multicultural communication and collaboration.

What would be your advice for other potential students from abroad? Did you face any obstacles?

  • Find somebody who already studies at FAU via social networks so that he/she can help with registration for courses as the system is very complicated and partly in German. It took me much time to figure out everything. Participation in the buddy programme may be helpful although it depends on a buddy.
  • Don’t miss different opportunities apart from the regular study programme. There is a variety of guest lectures, case studies, seminars. Read all the news and announcements. Good opportunity to learn German by the way as most of them are in German.
  • Take time to learn German. Intensive German courses are better than regular courses and they are worth their cost.

Why did you choose FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg?

  • Sufficient positions in rankings (CHE University Ranking, QS World University Ranking).
  • Curriculum of the programme with its impact on International Management and free choice of the area of specialization. I knew what was the most interesting for me in international business, but I wanted to explore different areas.
  • Competent academic staff. Before applying I read several publications of professors and found them professional and interesting.
  • Collaboration of the university with international companies, which made it not purely academic.
  • Not so high cost of living in comparison with many other European countries such as Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Norway etc.

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