International Business Studies, Darya

Which factors led to your particular choice of study programme?

The decisive factor in study program choice was English language of instruction; there are not so many programs in International Business provided in English in Germany. Secondly, the choice of the subjects is quite vast and good and within the program there is a possibility to focus on one research area. Thirdly, FAU is the university in top-20 ranking in Germany which makes the program credible.

What do you like the most about your study programme?

  • Many international classmates
  • A lot of guest lecturers from the international and famous companies
  • The opportunity to give feedback through student representatives
  • Buddy program for easier adaptation

What would be your advice for other potential students from abroad? Did you face any obstacles?

Personally, I cannot recall any big obstacle. Just the process of enrolling, getting all registration credentials in the internal platforms took a while.
At least the basic knowledge of German will be very helpful.

Why did you choose FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg?

  • High ranking of universities (top-20); well-known with a lot of students enrolled
  • Good location (Austria and Czech Republic are nearby)
  • Low semester fee

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