International Information Systems, Katsiaryna

Which factors lead to your particular choice of study programme?

The reasons are pretty straightforward – as a person with Bachelor degree in non-technical field I wanted to continue my education in a field related to Informational Technologies. MSc International Information Systems was an ideal option for me.

What do you like the most about your study programme?

I like the certain level of flexibility in the program content. Students must accomplish predefined number of core courses, but the rest they may chose classes based on their own preferences.

What would be your advice for other potential students from abroad? Did you face any obstacles?

I would suggest that everyone read the module catalogue with the description of all courses carefully in order not to have any “surprises” when you come and start studying. If you have any doubts or not clear points about program content, write an email to a responsible person to make everything clear. Personally I had several issues because of misinterpreting the language requirements as well as underestimating the workload for some classes.
Also potential students should be prepared that studying in their native language and studying in a foreign language is a huge difference, even if they speak the language quite well. Moreover, there might be some pitfalls such as differences in the teaching approach and examination style in their home university and in FAU. Therefore, I would advise foreign students not to be shy and make new friends among second year students, so that the latter could share their experience personally.

Why did you choose FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg?

There were several reasons for the choice. First of all, I preferred to live and study in a big city, therefore, Nuremberg area was a good choice for me. Secondly, the study program correspond to my requirements and interests.

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