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International Economic Studies (BSc)

Bitte beachte, dass dieser Studiengang nur in englischer Sprache angeboten wird.
What is the degree programme about?

Are you interested in economics and considering a professional career in firms and institutions with an international perspective? Today’s globalized world needs people in key positions with a comprehensive understanding of economic issues related to international economics and international economic integration. This is true irrespective of the type of organization in which you aspire to work, whether it be in business, government or academia.

The bachelor program in International Economic Studies provides you with essential knowledge to understand and analyze the economy in general, as well as economic policy in particular. You will spend three years learning about various topics in international economics, international business and international politics, with all courses conducted in English. To complement the coursework, you will gain intercultural skills and learn foreign languages. The degree program includes a compulsory stay abroad during which you will obtain first-hand experience and insights on how economic issues are viewed and discussed in other countries and other universities.

What can I do with this degree?

Graduates of the degree program in International Economic Studies are prepared to work professionally in a wide range of areas in business and government positions, or to pursue an academic career. Career opportunities encompass private corporations, the public sector, but also supranational institutions and non-profit organizations. Potential employers include

  • international divisions of multi-national companies
  • governments and regulatory bodies at national and supranational levels
  • international marketing, managerial accounting, and sales
  • consulting firms
  • management in the business sector
  • professional organizations, unions and employers’ associations
  • non-governmental institutions
What qualities and skills do I need?

This degree programme is suitable for prospective students who

  • are interested in economics and business, but also in society and politics
  • aim to understand the process of international economic integration
  • want to develop their skills in quantitative and statistical analysis
  • have an interest in other cultures and languages
  • are keen on broadening their horizon by studying abroad
Good reasons for choosing to study at the FAU
  • FAU offers lectures on a wide range of economics-related topics. You can also take elective modules from other departments. Few other German universities can compete with the range of subjects offered at FAU's School of Business, Economics and Society.
  • A semester abroad is an integral part of the degree program. The large number of international partner universities makes organizing your stay abroad considerably easier.
  • The School of Business and Economics has a special student organisation for international business students which is called „Int-Wiso“. It is an international community where you can make friends and meet other international business students. You also have the opportunity to hear about graduates' experiences through the organisation.
  • You will be studying in Nuremberg, the second largest business location in Bavaria. The School of Business, Economics and Society has close ties to many different companies in the region, providing you with a great opportunity to network during your studies.
Potential challenges
  • A high level of English is required because all compulsory courses are held in English, and English may also be needed during the exchange semester.
  • Although the degree program has an international focus, it also places great importance on ensuring that students gain a thorough education in economics. This includes elements of economics, business administration and statistics.
  • You should understand basic concepts in mathematics, as this is a prerequisite for economics and for understanding quantitative methods.
  • You should be open to learning and further improving foreign language skills as language courses are an obligatory part of the degree program.
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Abschluss: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Studienart: 1-Fach-Bachelor
Standort: Nürnberg
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Studienbeginn: Wintersemester
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